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Best job found for jobs for 12 year olds and jobs for 13 year olds

September 30th, 2011

Well here it is – i have been searching the web for the perfect jobs for 12 year olds and the best online jobs for 13 year olds. And i have found it! It goes by the name Cash Crate

So what is it about? Is it similar like the other jobs for 12 year olds and jobs for 13 year olds? Well the answer is, yes in some ways, but it is different because all you need is a computer and internet connection(which is nowadays available practically every where) and a email to sign in with (if you don’t have it just get a g-mail account – it’s free and great!) . So what do you do exactly? Well it’s a system where every day you get different jobs to do like:

  • Reviewing a website
  • testing software programs (all instruction are given on the website)
  • Reviewing products
  • and many other things

The best thing is – IT IS TOTALY FREE – Just sing in and start working – All you need is just same clicks a little writing and the money is yours.

So what about the payment? Simple – you get a direct check send to your name and then you just go to the bank and cash it – if you don0t know anything there is always a support forum on the website.

So are this  great jobs for 12 year olds and jobs for 13 year olds ? – YES!

There is only one thing – you must be at least 13 years old, but don’t worry if you are 12 it’s only a matter of time before you turn 13 so then you just visit my website, read this article again and join the CASH CRATE community.

Hope this will work for you – i personaly love it – JOIN CASH CRATE HERE >>


  • caitlin

    i need a babysitting job!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Trevon Robinson

    i need a babysitting job and i really like kids

  • http://www.facebook.com/WishUWereMi Anqell Lewis

    Hello If You Need A BabbySitter Im Avalible (719)-330-9916

  • Dalton magee

    anyone need a baby sitter

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/EI5E2ZXKX43SORHXFUHYK7ALAA Noah

    i need a babysitting job.

  • Raekwon

    i Just Need A Job……

  • Amarionaatlas

    i need a job

  • keith

    if somebody wants to hire me i will work as a babysitter

  • Jay2280

    i need a job i like babysitting

  • Ziyale14

    If you need a 14 year old babysitter im avalable @ (513)-302-5537

  • Chambers123

    im 12 and i want a job i can do a lot but i have siblings so i can baby sit and stuff but i cant really lift heavy things ohh ya im a girl i know how to spell good but i like to abb.

  • Ms Kewlgirl

    im 12 and need a job im good @ bby sitting and all trhat stufgf

  • Vkellisa

    Hi are names are Juliana and kellisa and are number is 216-702-9309 or and 216-280-5142. We are both 13 years old. We am very good at babysitting. We babysat for our families and neighbors but we would like to expand our horizon and see and find a different babysitting job not for our families so that I could have different job experiences before Highschool. Again our number is 216-702-9309/216-280-5142. We can babysit on weekends anytime,and when school is out we are FREE!! Thank you and please call.

  • Grace S.

    Hey:) My name is Grace and I live in Columbus, Ga. I just turned 13 and I do have a baby brother so i am good with kids.My number is 662-614-5142(yes this is an Mississippi #)

  • Noon

    Hi I adore kids and im 13. I have 3 siblings two are 14 and one is 5 i take care of my sister and sometimes her friends too….. If you want more information, Email me at noonbilal@gmail.com.
    Tell me the city and state’that you live in then I’ll see if I can help you out… If you apparently live near me we will work things out and schedule some day for my mother to drive me or you to come to my house and we will talk about the responsibilities. Thank you. I appreciate it! ( I put my email there because I wouldn’t like for others to call me unless I know who they are.. Please don’t bother Emailing me something if you don’t want to write your city and state. Nothing more…) We will discuss how much I will get paid. I will have a reasonable price too. Thank you again.

  • AngelHubbard12

    Hi my name is angel hubbard im 12 years old im bout to make 13 im very good with children at ages 3 and up i go to st.peter claver catholic school. If you ever need a babysitter call 504-392-0077 thanks or you can call 504-402-9079 thanks !!!!!!

  • marie

    Hello my Name is Yolanda MArie Fuentes, i Am 13 years old. i love kids. they are my favorite. i love playing with little kids. so if you need a babysitter contact me at 7752099799/ or yolifuentes30@ymail.com. thank you have a nice day. :)

  • lily

    hi im lily and i love baby sitting i have 5 little sibling im am 13 yrs old and if you need a baby sitter contact me at lilymrw75999@aol.com

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/FEH43E5C3GCBJCMOWNLOFRHNSA Prettygirl Swag

    Hi , I’m looking for a baby sitting job.
    I’m free on weekends & after school . I get out at 2:00 & get home at 3:00 .
    I’m 13. Contact me at prettygirlswag7747@yahoo.com or on facebook as brittany love or just type that email in on Facebook. (: Please I’m really looking for one.

  • Chrisheena Lawrence

    hi my name is chrisheena and my number is 201-9172 im 13 and im looking for a babbysitting job i am very good at it i love to have fun play nd cook nd babbysit

  • Trinidiva0599

    Hi, my name is Kareena. I just turned thirteen and I received a scholarship to a specialized high school. My father is leaving the family and my mother doesn’t have a job to take care of my younger siblings and I, so I need a job before August to support my mother financially. I would be very appreciative if you could contact me at 1347-608-7059. If you need anymore info. feel free to e -mail me at trinidiva0599@Aol.com or onlyshawty4lyfe@Aol.com or if possible give the job to my mother at caprik35@Yahoo.com

  • Anonymous

    Hello my name is Haeley Doe, I am 13 years old and live in Poysippi Wisconsin near Berlin. I am looking for a baby sitting job to make money of my own so I can get myself stuff. I am very very good with kids. I grew up with 14 brothers and sisters, and baby sat all 6 of the little ones. I baby sit ages through 6months-12 years old. I have a lot of experience. I know how to keep children occupied. I love kids. I am very responsible. If you’re interested I would just like to add that I would feel more comfortable if you would let me babysit at my house because I know where everything is and I can get them food when they need it without having to look through everything because I would already know where everything is. Again if you are interested you can call me on my cell phone at 920-460-0361.

    Thank you,
    Haeley Doe

  • Jerrierjr

    hello my name is jerrie i have many cousins and i baby sit all the time so i am free on weekends and summer call me at 903 246 5408

  • Bsarah

    Hi I’m Sarah I need a babysitting job.i am really good with kids.i am 12 years old.it would be a good idea after school cuz I have school till 7:30-2:30 and summer would work just fin too.my number is 425-444-6374 thank you and please call.

  • Jaylah Robinson1999

    Hi my name is Jaylah Robinson and I am 13 years old and I live in the San Francisco area and I am very reliable and my schedule is very flexible. I am available Monday-Friday from 3:00pm-6:00pm. You can contact me at (415)-504-4253 or email me at jaylah.robinson1999@gmail.com.
    ~Thank You

  • Tia Coleman

    Hi. I’m 13. I LOVE kids, but my parents are struggling right now. Im trying to get a job to help out. We are relying on my dad’s check and my mom is staying home, taking care of everyone. So, please. If you can give me a babysitting job, let me know as soon as possible. I can start anytime. Contact me at 404-661-7274. Or email me at ( tiacoleman72@yahoo.com ) By the way, I live in Lawrenceville, Georgia

  • Beckysanders11

    well i am 13 and have babysat before. I have 7 brothers and 2 sisters.I help take care of my 3 year old brother.I help my mom during the summers with my family. I am trying to save up for a church camp so please give me a job. I live in the winder area

  • Znetta Taylor

    my name is anastasia taylor im 13 soon to be 14 when school start back i want a job during the summer so please have the time to call 4145545002

  • Jordymcfall

    I am 13 years old and i love kids.I’m looking for a babysitting job i live in las vegas but in June i will be in st.george ut. 5 an hour of for more then 3 is 10 to 20.My number is 702-587-8779

  • Jordymcfall

    i cook and clean and can help you with any thing

  • laurynn

    Hello, my name is Laurynn. I sm 13 years old and I am looking for a babysitting job. I am first-aid and CPR certified. I am great with kids and have a lot of babysitting experience. i have baby sat ages of 2 months-11 years old. i am just looking forward to extending my babysitting. If you have questions about price or time or anything just email me at Shirene99@gmail.com thanks!

  • Mykaylamorris

    grace u can be a great babysitter i can see it now

  • Mykaylamorris

    Hello my name is Mykayla Morris i am 13 years old and i love kids i don’t have no little brother or sister but i do babysit my baby cuzzins all the time I tell my aunts an uncle you don’t have to pay me but they do because the good job i do with the kids. I really would love this job if u read this and u want my number comment and i will give it to you…..<3 please and thank you

  • Raegarcia77

    Hello!My name is Antonette Ellison and I love kids and kids love me.. have 3 brothers 1 is older than me but the other two are 7 and 11. I babysit them and my little cousins that are 2,4, and 6.I love babysitting its fun and if you want to go out Ill watch your kids for you.I am an accountable person and very respectful and responsible if you are interested on me please contact me at 619-253-4517!Thank You so much for giving me an oppourtunity to help myself and community!:)

  • Destinisocrazy1

    Hi my name is Destini and i am 12 and i love love love kidz there are like so fun & cute but any way i read book i look on line and stuff so i havie ideas though i you want to ask any quz.just email me at destinisocrazy1@gmail.com or you can call me at 6124329907 and that oh an i only go from ages 1-3 sorry if you got kidz 3-9 we can work something out i will be paying 5$ per kid yeah so plez call me asap or email me either one is cool.

  • Cocolishas19

    how do i get a job

  • Gabrielle R.

    hey i thirteen i really need a summer job i love kids i already have a little brother i live gloversville and mayfield ny, 224-4676

  • Gabby Ringer

    i mean im thirteen

  • Gabby Ringer

    i ment im 13 plus the area code to my phone is 518 my zip code is 12078

  • Gabby Ringer

    im not just gabrielle r. im also as gabby ringer

  • Gabby Ringer

    if your looking for a great babysitter scroll down to gabrielle r.

  • Ssitongia

    Hi my Name is susan im 13 and i need a babaysitting job to help my parents..! Im really good with kids ive taken care of my 2 little sisters! Comment and i can give you my number.I’ll work any day, any time

  • Deandreaadams

    Hey my name deandrea and im 14 my number is 1318 3595105 ..!!! Reply bak i lovee kids i am really good with kids im great with kids snd i just love kids all kind …

  • Alanalexsis1007

    i liked but i want to have a job i want to babe sit so i can get money on the summer

  • Abreannahuckley

    Hello My name is Abreannah Buckley and I love little children.I live with 3 other kids 1 is 10 which is my little brother , another one is 9 and he is my little cousin, and the other one is 10 they love it when i babysit them . My aunt Sara loves it when i babysit her childen they are 2 and 6 they love it because I can take them swimming and go to the park and I have next door nieghbors that are the same age so if you can just call me back at 4696437642 thank you for the oppourtunty .

  • Abreannahbuckley

    I am so sorry but i speak English and nothing else

  • Arianna_martin

    Hello my name is Arianna Martin. Im 13 years old i have brothers and a sister myself.im on here for a babysitting jobs i LOVE KIDS. i can take them to the park and go on walks and more. i live in Silver Spring Maryland. Im open to work at anytime. so give me a call at 240-210-4438 thank you again

  • Sariahwoodruff

    i love kids and i am 13 and i need the extra money

  • Lisa Gibson

    Hello my name is Lisa Gibson I am 13 years old I LOVE CHILDREN i am playful,loving,funny,caring, and smart.I also have plenty experience I have 2 nices and 7 nephews and they love their aunt Lisa. I really love kids please contact me at 910-875-4797

  • Keiasajohnson

    hello i am Keiasa Johnson i am 13 years old and i am very good with kids and i am very responsible i have great grades in school am very reliable please email me at keiasajohnson@yahoo.com or contact me on Facebook

  • Green_bamboo

    Hi my name is Pavina Lee andI’m very in need of money now for my family and i to help my parents pay bills and for the future of college, so if theres anything I could do just any kind of job I could do it for you if you want me to work for you than contact me at 1(209)242-8897 or email me or message me at green_bamboo@live.com…..thank you very I hope you will contact me as soon as possible….

  • Angel villegas

    hi my name is angel and im great whit children i had been babysitting ones of my two little brothers7 years old and a 1 year old and also mi two niece that love me to babysit them when there parents cant take care of them i also speak to spanish and can help any kid that will like to speak spanish so if u can give a call back at (512)-554-4360

  • Joshua Scearse

    im a kid who need to get job so yea call me back at 931 858 0406

  • Anna_Soyfer101

    Hi, My name is Anna here is my e-mail (annasoyfer101@gmail.com) I am 12 years old, I speak english and russian! I use to babysitt by neighbors, and friends from ages 1-12! I need money because we just moved and I want to have an experiences before High School! I can babysitt any tome on weekends. It doesnt matter how much you pay as long as it’s not smaller than 6$!

  • Mercedes Studer

    Hello, my name is Mercedes and now that school is out i need a job. I am 13 Years old and am sick of my parents paying for everything for me, So i decided i would like to babysit, I am very good with children of every age. Comment if interested!
    Thank You(:

  • Laterrica Albright

    Hi , I’m looking for a baby sitting job my name is laterrica albright im 14 year old live in Montgomery AL YOU contact ME 334-220-8342 OR 334 221-3275
    I’m free on weekends & after school . I get out at 2:45 & get home at 3:30. I START AUGUST 19 THANK YOU I REALLY HOPE I CAN BABYSIT YOUR KIDS THANK YOU <3

  • aisatou

    My name is Aisatou Kebe would love to work as a baby sitter i am great with kids my neighbor leaves her kids with me anytime and i am also available for changing diapers there is no problem with that and my email is aisatoukebe7@gmail.com please please email me right away.

  • retro_trilla

    I need a online job