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Jobs for 12 year olds – review

April 11th, 2011

As a teenager it’s normal that sometimes you just need that extra cash for some extra games, toys, free time,..etc.

I started doing things when i was 12 years old so i was always looking jobs for 12 year olds that pay good and of course i like to do things on my computer, so i wasn’t just looking for a part time job, but specifically looking for jobs online.

So my job searching started like this:

  1. I try job working at McDonalds, but the problem was i had to be  at least 15 so that option wasn’t good for me
  2. Next i tried a babysitting job – working with small children is always fun, i have a 5 year old younger brother so I’m used dealing with kids – but that was only a part time job, that paid good.
  3. Than i decided to try something only so i looked and explored for  home based jobs.
  4. And i found this thing – online writing! Your job is to just write for papers, articles and so on and on.

At first i was thinking that was not for me, i was just 12 year old and i didn’t know nothing about writing. But i had the will and i learned a lot in short time and i must confess, its a great job and i can do it from the comfort of my home. Find the best jobs for 12 year olds an jobs for 13 year olds in our blog.


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  • Koolkid158

    Where do i start???

  • Josephbriggs2001

    How do u write for papers

  • Teritactics

    Don’t worry, I feel exactly the same, dude!